To help you prepare and make this as easy as possible. Here are the questions you will be asked. If you don’t know, that’s fine. Do the best you can.

Background and Problems:

– What are your problems with the floor: (Please list your complaints in detail)

– When did these problems become visible?

– Additional Comments concerning your problems and when they became visible:

Your Information:

– Email

– Name

– Street City State

– Zip Code

– Primary Number

– Secondary Number

– Skype Name

– Prefered contact method

Complaints with the floor: (wearing, Lifting off the floor)

Site Description: ( tell us about the building)

– Residential or Commercial

– How many Adults?

– How many Children?

– Do you have Pets? Dogs? Cats?

– Sub-Floor: Concrete or Wood?

– Do you have a basement?

– Two Story Home?

– Any information you would think helpful

Product Information

– Type of flooring (Hardwood, Vinyl Flooring, Carpet:

– When was the floor Installed:

– Manufacturer:

– Name of product:

– Color Name or number:

– Product SKU or Number:

– How many square feet purchased:

– Approximate square feet installed:

– Additional information you think would be helpful:

Installation Information

– Installed by: (your contractor, retailer )

– Date Installed:

– Rooms installed:

– Delivery Date: (date brought to jobsite)

– Where was the product stored prior to installation

– Additional Comments you think would be helpful:


– Products used

– Frequency

– Additional Comments

Photos: Please give us photos of the problems as well as room scene and location shots of where the problem is in relation to the rooms installed.

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